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Sermons 2008

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Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio PPT Outline
Paul's Advice to the Corinthians Kyle Pope 6/29/2008 AM
"Those Who Diligently Seek Him" Kyle Pope 6/29/2008 PM
Pleasing Men Kyle Pope 6/22/2008 AM
"Beloved, Let US Love One Another" Kyle Pope 6/22/2008 PM
"Made Like His Brethren"Kyle Pope 6/15/2008 AM  
Does Baptism Wash Away Unlawful Marriages? Kyle Pope 6/15/2008 PM
Conversions in Acts Kyle Pope 6/8/2008 AM  
The State of Mankind Kyle Pope 6/8/2008 PM  
"Different Times and in Different Ways" Kyle Pope 6/1/2008 AM
Why Believe in the Virgin Conception? Kyle Pope 6/1/2008 PM
"Until the Coming of the Lord" Kyle Pope 5/25/2008 AM
"Let Us" Statements in the Book of Hebrews Kyle Pope 5/25/2008 PM  
The Conversion of a Preacher Kyle Pope 5/18/2008 AM
"He Who Is in Us Is Greater than He Who Is in the World" Kyle Pope 5/18/2008 PM
The Appeal of Jesus Curtis Carwile 5/11/2008 AM    
The Power of the Tongue Kyle Pope 5/11/2008 PM
Why Are You Here? Kyle Pope 5/4/2008 AM  
What Is the "Willful Sin" of Hebrews 10:26? Kyle Pope 5/4/2008 PM  
The Power of God's Word Kyle Pope 4/27/2008 AM
Overcoming Evil Kyle Pope 4/27/2008 PM  
Walking to Save Souls Jerry Fite 4/20/2008 Class    
To Believe or Not to Believe Jerry Fite 4/20/2008 AM    
"This Sermon is Not for Me!" Jerry Fite 4/20/2008 PM    
"The Oracles of God" Jerry Fite 4/21/2008 PM    
What Must I Understand About Jesus Jerry Fite 4/22/2008 AM    
Wisdom for Youth Jerry Fite 4/23/2008 PM    
Old Leaven Jerry Fite 4/24/2008 PM    
Why Do We Waver in Making Spiritual Decisions? Jerry Fite 4/25/2008 PM    
The Blood of Christ Kyle Pope 4/13/2008 AM  
Idols and Idolatry Kyle Pope 4/13/2008 PM
How Does Sin Affect a Christian? Kyle Pope 4/6/2008 AM
How Does the Holy Spirit Work in a Christian? Kyle Pope 4/6/2008 PM
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