Olsen Park Church of Christ


2014 Olsen Park Church of Christ Singing

August 16, 2014

Leaders: Eddie Cook, Fred Perez, Brady McAlister,
Benson McAlister, Trevor Yontz, Andrew Dow, Kyle Pope.

Download Compete Audio File (40.9 MB)

Number Song Title Audio
1 Immortally Arrayed
2 Just Over in the Glory Land
3 Higher Ground
4 For You Have Promised
5 The Greatest Commands
6 You Are My Rock
7 God Is Our Loving Father
8 I Know That My Redeemer Lives
9 Heavenly Love
10 The Lord Reigns!
11 Scripture: God's promise to Noah Gen. 9:1-17
12 The Walls Came Tumbling Down
14 Won't It Be Wonderful There?
14 I Will Not Forget Thee
15 When We All Get to Heaven
16 No Tears in Heaven
17 Standing on the Promises
18 Where He Leads I'll Follow
19 Scripture: God's promise to Abraham Gen 17:1-8
20 There's a Rainbow in the Clouds
21 The Love of God
22 Sweet Adoration
23 Savior and Friend
24 Thank You, Lord!
25 Sing to Me of Heaven
26 How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
27 Home on the Banks of the River
28 Beyond this Land of Parting
29 Sing and Be Happy
30 Jesus Paid it All
31 Salvation Has Been Brought Down
32 In the Shadow of the Cross
33 He Loves Me
34 We'll Be Like Him
35 The Apples in a Seed
36 To Whom Shall We Go?
37 How Long Till the Morning?
38 I'll Live in Glory
39 Scripture: Jesus' promise Acts 1:1-11
40 The Blessed Life
41 Mansion Over the Hilltop
42 Faithful Love
43 Healing in Its Wings
44 Invitation: "For You Have Promised and I Believe"

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