How To Stop Boring Preaching!

Introduction.This morning we are going to discuss a serious problem that plagues churches all across this country. While certainly it has never been the case from this pulpit, there are pulpit all over the world that are over taken by a hideous disease which must be stopped! The plague of boring preaching. We are going to discuss how to end this problem once and for all. We will consider five simple suggestions.

I. Carry A Sword.

     This is an agressive disease that must be treated with a powerful weapon. Ephesians 6:13-17 Note: Word is a sword. To use this to fight boring preaching we should...
  1. Bring Our Bibles to Every Service. Note: If you get the slightest hint that a boring sermon is beginning you pull out your sword. Use it two ways: “parry” - to block -- defensive; “lunge” - to thrust -- offensive (Psalm 18:28-30)
  2. Look Up Every Scripture. Illustration: Difference between liberal churches - pages turning. (Acts 17:10-12) “Searched the Scriptures.” Note: No mention of Paul’s preaching - dynamic, boring, etc. just the way they used their sword. This helps fight boring preaching in two ways: 1. Allows us to test what is said; 2. Involves us in the activity.

II. Keep the Dishes Clean.

     Jesus’ on clean dishes. (Matthew 23:25-28) Note: Pharisees had dirty dishes. E.g. Dish you thought was clean - food or drink is fine -- made bad by the dish. Boring preaching may result when our clothes are “prim and proper” but our heart is like a dirty dish.
  1. Bring a Clean Heart. (Matthew 15:11,17-20a) E.g. We may come to worship...
    - Mad at family member.
    - Worried about money troubles
    - Angry at traffic -- we must clean the dishes and in so doing we often destroy the threat of boring preaching!

III. Stay Hungry.

     (I Peter 2:1-3) Have you ever eaten a big meal and then remembered you had a dinner invitation? Perhaps at holidays one right after the other. It is hard to eat when you aren’t hungry.
     After much investigation brethren have discovered that this plague of boring preaching can result after any one of three things happen:
  1. We have things of the world on our mind.
  2. We think that we know all there is to know on a subject.
  3. We decide that a subject isn’t that important to our lives.
  1. Maintain Personal Bible Study. Example of Timothy. (Acts 16:1) We don’t know about his conversion but we know about his character. (II Timothy 3:14,15) He had a hunger for the word of God. Example: Didn’t know about greens before Alabama. Now I have an acquired hunger for them.
  2. Develop Personal Topics of Interest. (Acts 8:32-35). He was personally interested in OT prophecy so when someone came along who could tell him about Jesus he was already hungry.
  3. Ask Questions About Points of Uncertainty. Silly Tabloid - Good Phrase “Inquiring Minds Want to Know” Note: Boring preaching can’t grow in a place where there are hearts and minds hungry and eager for truth.

IV. Practice Carpentry.

     In a house some carpentry skills must be used regularly or a house will begin to decay. In the Christian life the same is true. (I Peter 2:5) “Spiritual House.” As Christians we must regularly practice carpentry if our service is to be successful. (Romans 15:1,2). Note: KJV & ASV “infirmities.” Each must be concerned with “edification.” In Greek edification=oikodome. Oikos is “house.” Demo is “to construct.” Edification is then litteraly “house-building.” We can go a long way towards avoiding the problem of boring preaching if we are constantly concerned with “house-building.”
  1. Search for things in a lesson that can help others.
         Everytime that a lesson is preached there is something that is said that is greatly needed by someone who may be in the assembly. It may be that when you hear it you know justr what it is that can help someone else. Go to that person and ask them...“What did you think about that?” or “Did you agree with that point?” Sometimes this may be the very thing that can turn someone’s life around. (Acts 18:24-26).
  2. Search for things in a lesson that can help us. We all like to joke with each other at times saying - “boy you really needed to hear that lesson” or “my mate really needed that one.” When we are just joking that is one thing but we always face the risk of the the old “plank & speck” problem. Remember Jesus tells us to remove the plank from our own eye and then we can see clearly how to help others.

         Preaching is a powerful thing. We can go through life blind to our own faults, and yet hear something in a lesson and all of a sudden realize our shortcomings. The power to bring this about rests in the word. (Hebrews 4:12,13; I Corinthians 14:24,25).

V. Bring Coals of Fire.

     One of the reasons that “boring preaching” spreads is because too many people assemble for worship and don’t bring “coals of fire” with them. There is no way to conquer this problem without it. (Romans 12:20,21) Note: The idea isn’t really doing harm put loving in sincerity. We must...
  1. Cultivate and intese love for our brethren. (Romans 12:9-11) When you really love someone it is difficult for anything that they have to say to be boring. E.g. Newlyweds hang on each other’s every word. As the years go on it may take more concentration to show this same keen attention, but if you really love one another you won’t be bored because you love each other.

         The same is true in Christ. If we really love each other as we should our concern won’t be...“Boy, that teacher is boring” or “That was the most boring sermon.” Instead it will be... “How can I go to heaven and help others?” or “I appreciate that teachers efforts to help me go to heaven.”

Conclusion. This lesson has been somewhat of a playful approach to an important matter. This is not a defense of preaching (my own or anyone else’s) but a challenge to us all to realize that in matters of worship to God what makes our worship a failure or a success has everything to do with what we do.