“Make Us...Like the Nations”

Introduction. (I Samuel 8:1-6) The Israelites in this text demonstrate a problem that has been common to man throughout history -- the problem of wanting to be like those around us. It takes a brave soul to be able to stand against the crowd and be what is right regardless of how different we may appear. This morning I’d like for us to talk about some ways that we must take care that we don’t possess this same attitude.

I. Ways We Want To Be Like Others.

  1. Our Classmates. --“Do Fun Things.” --“Talk Cool.” -- “Wear Cool Clothes.” --“Have Lot’s of Friends.”
  2. Our Co-Workers. --“Live Free.” --“Do What They Want.” --“Know How To Relax.”
  3. Non-Christians. --“Have no Restrictions.” --“No Burdens.” -- “Everything Is Going Their Way.”
  4. The Denominations. --“Have big Churches.” -- “Great Music.” --“Moving Services.”

II. What It Means When We Want To Be Like Others.

  1. It Comes From Failing To Appreciate What We Have When We Serve God. (8:7). The Israelites had a king - God. They were free to serve Him without the yoke of servitude to a human king. They were freed from bondage to Pharaoh but wanted to be enslaved. (Romans 6:17-22).
  2. It Is A Refelection of Idolatry. (8:8). The Lord points out that in asking for a king they were doing what they had done all along - serving other gods. When we want to be like those around us we are wanting to serve other gods! (James 4:4).

III. Consequences of Being Like Others

  1. It Influences Those Close To You. (8:11,13). Note: Sons & Daughters. They probably didn’t realize this. It wouldn’t just effect them. It would change the generations to come. If we give in to our desire it won’t just effect us - it effects our family, friends, spouse, children & grandchildren. E.g.“Dad always worships God” -“Mom believes in following the Bible” or“Dad doesn’t think worship is important.” or ”Mom doesn’t think you need to follow the Bible.” (Matthew 5:13-16). When you feel drawn to be like others, ask youself -“How would I feel about my child being like them? Grandchild be like them?”
  2. It’s Never What We Expect It To Be. (8:12). Note:“Judge Us” (8:6).“Judge Us And Go Out Before Us And Fight Our Battles” (8:20). They thought he would be their servant - they didn’t realize that they would become his servants! Often we are blind to the reality of what life is really like on the other side. (Luke 15:12-16).
  3. We Are Forced To Surrender Things We Don’t Want To. (8:14,15). Here their possessions. When we do it may be our values. Our hope. Our priorities.
         Nothing is ever attained without sacrifice. If I descide that I want to stop doing what God wants and be like others I sacrificeA relationship with God, the respect of those who serve God. E.g. Josephus set - Man who used to preach but then became unfaithful. (Luke 16:12-15).
  4. It Changes How Our Possessions Are Used. (8:16,17a). The child of God does not view their possessions as theirs alone. (Ephesians 4:28). Do you think that the one who devotes themselves to live for themselves can use their possessions in the same way? They won’t ever have enough!
  5. It Makes Us Do Things We Don’t Want To. (8:17b). (John 8:34-36). Do you like that the woman who aborts her child because she got pregnant in fornication wanted to to begin with? Do you think the drunk who loses his job and home and family wanted such things? Do you think the unscriptural divorcee wanted to stand before a judge bartering over time to spend with their own offspring?
  6. We Will Regret It Someday. (8:18). Luke 15:17 Prodigal son“came to himself.” Many people come to a point where they realize they have made a mistake by turning to be like others - but pride prevents them from changing.
         Even if in this life someone never comes to that point, one day we will! (Luke 16:27,28).

Conclusion. In spite of all these consequences, sometimes we still choose to be like those around us. We are stubborn! (8:19,20). When we do, we should understand that God does not rule over us so as to keep us from the consequences of our own mistakes. (8:7, 22).