Hezekiahís Song of Gratitude

Introduction. Isaiah thirty-eight records an event that is also described in II Kings 20. Isaiah tells Hezekiah that God had revealed that he would soon die. Hezekiah mourns this news and prays to God for an extension of life. God grants his request and extends his life fifteen years.

Different Highlights from the two texts:
  • II Kings 20:4 - Before Isaiah makes it to middle court, God grants his request.
  • Isaiah 38:10-20 - Hezekiahís response to Godís mercy towards him is a written reflection of his heart in song.
  • I. Hezekiahís Life Extended.

    After his life is extended he observes...
  • His former despair (vss. 10-14).
  • Godís response (vs. 15a).
  • The condition of mankind (vss. 15b-16).
  • The benefit to himself (vss. 17-18).
  • His commitment to praise God (vss. 19-20).
  • II. Parallel to Our Life.

  • We are warned of death (Romans 1:18).
  • We are redeemed from death (Revelation 5:9,10).
  • We are given new life (Ephesians 2:1-7).
    Will we recognize the fate of all men?
    Will we recognize what God has done for us?
    Will we commit to praise God?
  • Conclusion. Davidís similar response. Psalm 51:10-13