“Taken Captive”
(II Timothy 2:24-26)

Introduction. I would call you attention to the description given in verse 26 of those the efforts of of the “servant of the Lord” must seek to address - those “taken captive” by Satan in order to do his will. This morning I’d like for us to discuss this verse and consider what it discusses and the solutions to this problem which are offered in Scripture.

I. “Come to their Senses” (2:26a).

  1. We can allow ourselves to be controlled by sin to the point that we lose our rational thought. Peter gave in to sinful fear: (Luke 22:54-62). He who had been willing to die for Jesus, denied that he knew Him.
  2. The only way out of this is to “come to our senses.” (Luke 15:11-17).
    1. It may be that we have sold ourselves to follow the things of this world. We aren’t happy in such things, but still we continue to run after them. When will we “come to ourselves” and realize there is a better way? (Luke 15:18-24). Look at the benefit!
    2. Often we don’t realize that we are not in our “full mind.” Because sin can harden us and blind us. Hebrews 3:12-13). Recognizing this can be one of the first steps to come to our senses.
    3. Then we must escape from what enslaves us!

II. “Escape the Snare of the Devil” (2:26b).

  1. Satan wants to ensnare us with sin and disobedience. He wants to adopt us for himself and make us like him. (John 8:42-44).
  2. The gospel offers an escape. In baptism we are freed from sin. (Romans 6:1-7). We will return to Romans 6 a little latter.
  3. This escape does not remove a person from any danger of future entrapment, but offers security through submission to God. (I John 1:5-9).

III. “Taken Captive by Him” (2:26c).

  1. When we live in sin we are captive to sin and the devil. (John 8:31; I John 3:6-8).
  2. No one likes to be in bondage. Illustration: When I was in Alabama I had the occasion to visit prisoners in a local correctional facility. When I entered I had to pass through a guarded and locked fence, a metal detector, and a series of steel locked and guarded doors. Once inside a went down a hall to the cell block where I was able to teach the men I was going to see. There was a steel locked door which entered the cell block, then a guard post with bullet proof glass which looked over about three groups of cells. When you entered one of these groups there was an open area with some tables and a shower area in front of the indivuidual locked cells. High above this open area there were some windows and on the lower area there were some narrow windows too small for a human body to get through. This was the only glimpse of the outside world these men were allowed. No one likes to be in bondage - yet sometimes we surrender to it willingly. Israel in the wilderness (Numbers 11:4-6). Do to its own vomit. (II Peter 2:18-22).
  3. Surrendering ourselves to serve to God exchanges a bondage and service which is self-destructive for one which offers peace, joy and happiness in the age to come. (Romans 6:8-22).

IV. “To Do His Will” (2:26d).

  1. God wants us to do His will. (Luke 12:42-47).
  2. We cannot serve sin and the devil and please God, because in doing so we are doing Satan’s will. (John 8:44).
  3. We must choose to do God’s will. (Romans 6:17).