Olsen Park Church of Christ


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2014 Spring Gospel Meeting

Melvin Curry

The Book of James

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio PPT Outline
Wisdom for Life's Trials Melvin Curry 4/13/2014 Class    
Wisdom for Middle-Class Christians Melvin Curry 4/13/2014 AM    
Wisdom for Struggles with Temptation Melvin Curry 4/13/2014 PM    
Wisdom for Spiritual Birth and Growth Melvin Curry 4/14/2014 PM    
Wisdom for Being Doers of the Word Melvin Curry 4/15/2014 PM    
Wisdom for Impartiality toward Others Melvin Curry 4/16/2014 PM    
Wisdom for the Use of Our Tongues Melvin Curry 4/17/2014 PM    
Wisdom versus Folly Melvin Curry 4/18/2014 PM    

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