Olsen Park Church of Christ


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2013 Spring Gospel Meeting

Song Leader Instruction

Dane Shepard

Tuning the Heart and Voice

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio PPT Outline
True Worship Dane Shepard 4/14/2013 Class    
Tell Me the Story of Jesus Dane Shepard 4/14/2013 AM    
Tuning the Heart and Voice Dane Shepard 4/14/2013 PM    
Understanding Song Worship 1 Dane Shepard 4/15/2013 PM    
Understanding Song Worship 2 Dane Shepard 4/16/2013 PM    
New Testament Song Worship is Unique Dane Shepard 4/17/2013 PM    
Worship: Service or Experience? Dane Shepard 4/18/2013 PM    
Sing to the Lord a New Song Dane Shepard 4/19/2013 PM    

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