Olsen Park Church of Christ


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2012 Spring Gospel Meeting

Tim Norman

High Priority Items

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Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio PPT Outline
Setting Priorities Tim Norman 4/1/2012 Class  
Above All Put On Agape Love Tim Norman 4/1/2012 AM  
Keeping Our Priorities Straight Tim Norman 4/1/2012 PM  
Be Angry, And Yet Do Not Sin Tim Norman 4/2/2012 PM  
Put Aside Slander & Gossip Tim Norman 4/3/2012 PM  
Distinguishing Righteous Concern From Sinful Worry Tim Norman 4/4/2012 PM  
The Importance of Being Content Tim Norman 4/5/2012 PM  
Reject Denominationalism Tim Norman 4/6/2012 PM  

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