Olsen Park Church of Christ


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2009 Summer Gospel Meeting

Tim Norman

A Life of Preparation

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio PPT Outline
Recognizing the World's Influence on the Church Tim Norman 7/26/2009 Class  
Preparing to Put Off Sins of Ommision Tim Norman 7/26/2009 AM  
Preparing to Bear the Fruit of the Spirit Tim Norman 7/26/2009 PM    
Preparing for Adversity Tim Norman 7/27/2009 PM  
Preparing for Happiness Tim Norman 7/28/2009 AM  
Preparing to Pray Tim Norman 7/29/2009 PM  
Preparing to Dress for Success Tim Norman 7/30/2009 PM  
Preparing to Be Spiritually Pure Tim Norman 7/31/2009 PM  

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