Olsen Park Church of Christ


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2006 Fall Gospel Meeting

Harry Osborne

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio PPT Outline
Faith vs. Doubt Harry Osborne 9/24/2006 Class    
Treasures: Earthly vs. Heavenly Harry Osborne 9/24/2006 AM    
Are You a Pharisee? Harry Osborne 9/24/2006 PM    
Inspiration of Scripture Harry Osborne 9/25/2006 PM    
Who Is a Christian? Harry Osborne 9/26/2006 AM    
The Family Harry Osborne 9/27/2006 PM    
The Social Gospel Harry Osborne 9/28/2006 PM    
Knitting Our Souls Together in Love Harry Osborne 9/29/2006 PM    

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