Olsen Park Church of Christ


Loving Our Spiritual Family as God Commanded

2011 Sunday Adult Class


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Date Title Lesson
07/10/2011 Lesson One: Who is Our Spiritual Family?
07/17/2011 Continued  
07/24/2011 Lesson Two: How Should Brothers Behave Towards Each Other?
07/31/2011 Continued  
08/07/2011 Continued  
08/14/2011 Lesson Three: When a Brother or Sister is Offended
08/21/2011 Continued  
08/28/2011 Continued  
09/4/2011 Lesson Four: Parents and Children
09/11/2011 Continued  
09/18/2011 Continued  
09/25/2011 Continued  
10/2/2011 Continued  
10/9/2011 Continued  
10/16/2011 Lesson Five: New Testament Teaching on Love
10/23/2011 Continued  
10/30/2011 Continued  
11/6/2011 Continued  
11/20/2011 Continued  
12/4/2011 Lesson Six: Husbands and Wives

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