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Sermons 2014

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Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio PPT Outline
Starting a New Year Kyle Pope 12/28/2014 AM  
What the New Testament Says About Congregational Prayer Kyle Pope 12/21/2014 AM
A New Commandment: Love Like Christ Andrew Dow 12/21/2014 PM    
Life As God Sees It: Is Abortion Ever the Answer? Andrew Dow 12/14/2014 AM    
Aaron's Error Kyle Pope 12/14/2014 PM  
You Are the Answer to the Question Kyle Pope 12/07/2014 AM
Compromising with God Andrew Dow 12/7/2014 PM    
The Work of the Church Andrew Dow 11/30/2014 AM    
Three Eternal Principles of Salvation Kyle Pope 11/23/2014 AM
Barnabas: The Son of Encouragement Andrew Dow 11/23/2014 PM    
Character Sean Lynch 11/16/2014 AM    
How to Tell Right from Wrong Sean Lynch 11/16/2014 PM    
Learning to Be Content Andrew Dow 11/9/2014 AM    
Making Good Choices Kyle Pope 11/9/2014 PM
The Gospel of Barabbas Brian Haines 11/7/2014 PM
How Moses Entered the Promised Land Brian Haines 11/6/2014 PM
The Passover Pattern Brian Haines 11/5/2014 PM
Illegalism Brian Haines 11/4/2014 PM
Camels and the Accuracy of the Bible Brian Haines 11/3/2014 PM
Josiah's Restoration Brian Haines 11/2/2014 Class
Putting Off Bitterness Brian Haines 11/2/2014 AM
The Devil's Plan Brian Haines 11/2/2014 PM
An Unknown God Andrew Dow 10/26/2014 AM    
"Set Your Mind on Things Above" Kyle Pope 10/19/2014 AM
Sing with the Understanding: "Here We are but Straying Pilgrims" Andrew Dow 10/19/2014 PM    
The Parable of the Talents Andrew Dow 10/12/2014 AM    
The Power of Satan Kyle Pope 10/12/2014 PM  
Mending Broken Relationships Kyle Pope 10/5/2014 AM
Lessons from the Pentateuch Andrew Dow 10/5/2014 PM    
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