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Sermons 2012

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Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio PPT Outline
"His Divine Power Has Given Us All Things" Kyle Pope 12/30/2012 AM  
Knowing Right and Wrong Kyle Pope 12/23/2012 AM  
What is Repentance? Kyle Pope 12/23/2012 PM  
The Steps of Judah's Downfall (Jer. 6:9-21) Andrew Dow 12/16/2012 AM    
The Importance of Growing in Knowledge Andrew Dow 12/16/2012 PM    
The Christian and Technology Kyle Pope 12/9/2012 AM
Hate as the Bible Presents It Kyle Pope 12/9/2012 PM  
Ingratitude Kyle Pope 12/2/2012 AM  
Compassion, Kindness, and Forgiveness Kyle Pope 12/2/2012 PM  
Judas Iscariot Kyle Pope 11/25/2012 AM  
Thoughts Concerning Birth Kyle Pope 11/18/2012 AM  
"Treasure in Earthen Vessels" Kyle Pope 11/18/2012 PM  
"All Who Desire to Live Godly in
Christ Jesus Will Suffer Persecution"
Kyle Pope 11/11/2012 AM  
Trusting God Trevor Yontz 11/11/2012 PM    
"A Little While" Kyle Pope 11/4/2012 AM  
Can You Attend the "Church of Your Choice"? Kyle Pope 11/4/2012 PM  
A Promise of Deliverance and Salvation Wayne Moody 11/2/2012 PM    
A Promise of Glory Wayne Moody 11/1/2012 PM    
A Promise of Protection Wayne Moody 10/31/2012 PM    
A Promise of Improvement Wayne Moody 10/30/2012 PM    
A Promise of Kinship to God Wayne Moody 10/29/2012 PM    
Promises of God vs. Our Thinking Wayne Moody 10/28/2012 Class    
God's Promises: Our Response Wayne Moody 10/28/2012 PM    
God Chose Us: Our Response Wayne Moody 10/28/2012 PM    
"While We Were Still Without Strength" Kyle Pope 10/21/2012 AM  
God Working Through Us Kyle Pope 10/21/2012 PM  
Is God Evil? Curtis Carwile 10/14/2012 AM    
Ellipses in Scripture Brady McAlister 10/14/2012 PM    
Shall We Dance? Kyle Pope 10/7/2012 AM
The Salvation of Noah Kyle Pope 10/7/2012 PM  
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