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Sermons 2011

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Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio PPT Outline
The All-Sufficiency of Christ Kyle Pope 12/25/2011 AM  
Are We a People of Prayer? Kyle Pope 12/25/2011 PM  
Brief Encounters with Jesus Kyle Pope 12/18/2011 AM  
Dwelling with God Jason Garcia 12/18/2011 PM    
No Applause Jason Garcia 12/11/2011 AM  
What the World Should Remember this December 25th Kyle Pope 12/11/2011 PM  
Another Jesus Jason Garcia 12/4/2011 PM    
Signs of the Backsliding Jason Garcia 11/27/2011 AM    
Jehovah: The God of the Old and New Covenant Jason Garcia 11/27/2011 PM    
Help Me Lord Kyle Pope 11/20/2011 AM
Judging From Appearances Kyle Pope 11/20/2011 PM  
"All Spoiled...": Peter's and Judas' Response to Spiritual Failure Curtis Pope 11/18/2011 PM    
Mary: The Handmaid of the Lord Curtis Pope 11/17/2011 PM    
Jonathanís Trust in Godís Will Curtis Pope 11/16/2011 PM    
How to Deal with the Fools in Your Life: The Wisdom of Abigail Curtis Pope 11/15/2011 PM    
Caves & Palaces: Contrasts in the life of David Curtis Pope 11/14/2011 PM    
The Success of Joseph Curtis Pope 11/13/2011 Class    
Lessons on Conviction from Daniel Curtis Pope 11/13/2011 AM    
"Even if He Does Not...": The Courage of Shadrach, Meschach & Abed-Nego Curtis Pope 11/13/2011 PM    
Living According to the Flesh or the Spirit Kyle Pope 11/6/2011 AM  
Avoiding Adultery Jason Garcia 11/6/2011 PM    
Overcoming Adversity Jason Garcia 10/30/2011 AM    
Walking in the Light Kyle Pope 10/30/2011 PM  
"The Joy Set Before Him" Kyle Pope 10/23/2011 AM  
Denominational Questions Jason Garcia 10/23/2011 PM    
Friendship: God's Gift Jason Garcis 10/16/2011 AM    
Questions About the New Testament Church Kyle Pope 10/16/2011 PM  
Abraham: The Man of Faith Kyle Pope 10/9/2011 AM  
Joseph: Man of Dreams Kyle Pope 10/9/2011 PM  
The Blessing of Tribulation Kyle Pope 10/2/2011 AM  
Developing a Heart for God Jason Garcia 10/2/2011 PM    
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