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Sermons 2006

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Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio PPT Outline
Paul's Journey to Rome Kyle Pope 12/31/2006 AM
Things That God Blots Out Kyle Pope 12/31/2006 PM
Confidence in First John Kyle Pope 12/24/2006 AM  
Can a Christian Believe in the Bible and the Theory of Evolution? Kyle Pope 12/24/2006 PM
Divine EmotionsKyle Pope 12/17/2006 AM
The Grace of God Kyle Pope 12/17/2006 PM  
"Could You Not Watch With Me One Hour?" Kyle Pope 12/10/2006 AM  
Does God Expect Too Much of Me? Brady McAlister 12/10/2006 PM    
Private Time With God Kyle Pope 12/3/2006 AM  
"No Substitutions Accepted" Kyle Pope 12/3/2006 PM  
The Two Sons Kyle Pope 11/26/2006 AM  
Covering Sins Kyle Pope 11/26/2006 PM  
The Many Faces of Materialism Kyle Pope 11/19/2006 AM  
The Truth About Mary Magdalene Kyle Pope 11/19/2006 PM  
The Inheritance Reserved in Heaven Kyle Pope 11/12/2006 AM  
Stumbling Blocks Neil Ledbetter 11/12/2006 PM    
"Righteousness" and "Justification" Kyle Pope 11/5/2006 AM
The Appointment and Work of Deacons: Part Two Kyle Pope 11/5/2006 PM
Is Drunkenness All That the Bible Condemns About Drinking Alcohol? Kyle Pope 10/29/2006 AM
"For Conscience Sake" Phil Miller 10/29/2006 PM    
Do I Have to Be at Every Church Service? Kyle Pope 10/22/2006 AM
The Appointment and Work of Deacons: Part One Kyle Pope 10/22/2006 PM
"One Flock, One Shepherd" Kyle Pope 10/15/2006 AM
The Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart Kyle Pope 10/15/2006 PM
Lessons from Acts 16:25 Kyle Pope 10/8/2006 AM
Lessons from the Prophet Amos Dayle Tipton 10/8/2006 PM    
"Who Hindered You From Obeying the Truth?" Kyle Pope 10/1/2006 AM
Modern vs. Biblical Speaking in Tongues Kyle Pope 10/1/2006 PM
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